Megan Hamilton, Creative Director

Megan Hamilton is a well-equipped rocket in the media industry. As both a renowned music producer and graphic artist, her experience with the melding of mediums is both unique and expansive. Outside of performing at iconic music festivals like Sonic Bloom, Lightning In A Bottle, and more.

Hamilton has freelanced as a graphic designer and marketing consultant for hundreds of campaigns and releases over the years. Hamilton has recently found success and high demand as a course designer, instructor, and creative director for Slam Academy (the US’ first Ableton Certified Training Center), as well as the after school Entrepreneurial Program coordinator for Minneapolis Public Schools. Her extensive entrepreneurial background in marketing, release strategy, and education combined with her knowledge and forward-thinking ideas have proven invaluable here at Indigo Disco.

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Ashlee Czapla, Marketing Director

Ashlee Czapla is on a mission to become a digital marketing powerhouse. While working as an Account Manager at a programmatic media buying agency for five years, she created omni-channel strategies for clients across every industry.  She then worked as the Brand Manager for four media agencies located across the US and Canada. After years of Colorado dreamin’, she’s finally made the move to Denver and works as Indigo Disco’s Marketing Manager and a Social Media Community Manager at an organic marketing agency called Grouphugs.

In addition to her digital marketing experience, Czapla has also been involved in the music industry for years by offering copywriting, photography, social media and public relations services. She’s worked with festivals like Shoe Fest and Electric Forest and is currently a part of the
Summer Camp Music Festival team. “Can’t stop, won’t stop” is less of a motto and more of a lifestyle for her, as she is always seeking new projects, new ways to connect people and new ways to make a genuine difference to artists and brands.  

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