Ashlee Czapla

Marketing & Creative Director

Ashlee Czapla is a wearer of many hats.  In addition to being the Marketing and Creative Director at Indigo Disco, she is also an Associate Account Director at Techint Labs and a Brand Strategist at Mammoth Music Group. Fueled by a love for writing, design and marketing, Ashlee is also a Freelance Copywriter at Festival Insider and the Assistant Program Coordinator of the Summer Camp Music Festival Camp Counselor team. 

In addition to 10 years of programmatic media buying experience, Ashlee has also worked in the music industry since 2012 as a freelance copywriter, photographer, social media manager, and brand and marketing consultant.
Ashlee is always seeking new opportunities, projects, and ways to make a genuine difference for artists and brands. 

Emily Ballard

Content Marketing Manager

Emily Ballard is a multifaceted creative. From product photography to graphic design, her creative medium has no limits. While creativity is her strong suit,  Emily also has a background in digital marketing and has worked as an Account Manager at a New York-based creative agency and for various small businesses.

Emily thrives off the hustle the music industry brings and looks for any way to bring people together whether it’s through marketing campaigns, creative strategies or live music. In addition to her professional endeavors, she is a gourmet foodie, music enthusiast, painter, digital artist and freelance photographer who simply cannot pick one creative outlet.

Emily Ballard – Square Headshot 2022Emily Ballard – Square Headshot 2022 2

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